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All of our solutions and expertise to you

With over 100 years of experience, you can trust that Kitao has the know-how to meet the needs of our business partners and their customers. From product development and package design, to manufacturing, sales, and promotion, our specialists will ensure you are satisfied with our product.

Study and Development

Regardless of the scope of the project, our sales staff will take the time to fully understand the needs of our customers. Whether we are creating skincare or cosmetics, we offer product development that meets the demands of the market. We carefully select suitable active ingredients and finely adjust the usability, as well as create proper product design and product usage instructions.

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By closely collaborating with the manufacturing department and the sales / planning department, we will build an optimal manufacturing flow for each product and respond to various needs such as small-lot & high-mix manufacturing or mass manufacturing of the same item at the shortest delivery timeline. increase. In addition to automation manufacturing, we also run manual operation to be able to handle delicate products such as essential oil blends and fragrances and complex specifications that emphasize design for a perfect finish.

Quality Control

Since our products have an effect on human skin, their safety, hygiene, and quality must be of upmost importance. With our over-100 year history, state-of-the-art technology, and unique knowledge, we have the capacity to manufacture high quality products in compliance with cosmetics GMP in all processes to the final shipment.

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Planning and Marketing

We constantly research product trends in the industry, and based on that, we carry out daily planning and marketing analysis that reflects the voices of customers and sales team. We will propose products that match the right targeted customer base and sales channels.


Design is an important factor for a product to perform well. In the limited design space, we propose the design of the product that suits the market and the target, with the first priority being how to appeal the attractiveness of the product. In addition, we aim to propose "sellable products" that are cost-conscious while cooperating with partner companies such as containers and packages.


We carry out marketing analysis deeply based on the concept of new products and finalize the products in the optimal condition. We also offer product samplings for potential customer monitoring as needed, keep making sure if our customer is satisfied with the new products with all the supports that we offer.


We use our know-how gained from selling our own products for over decades, and propose in-store promotion tools such as sales promotion POPs and product display stands and DM to better appeal the products in the store.

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